Carolyn Phippen
a new kind of leader

“We need a strong conservative leader in the Senate who will stand for our values. We need someone who recognizes what time it is in our nation’s history. We deserve someone who will go to Washington with the firm understanding that the only way to get our country back on track is with principled leaders who aren’t afraid to take a stand in support of our families and children; who love the Constitution; who value life.”

– Carolyn Phippen

Utah Deserves A Strong, Principled Leader

Joe Biden’s open border policies are putting pressure on families, cities, and states already struggling with inflation of nearly 20% since 2021.  These impacts have only just begun. 

We need leaders in Washington who believe in the United States as that Shining City on a Hill. We need leaders who aren’t afraid to stand up and do the difficult work of restoring the constitutional balance and limits that have made our nation great. We need leaders who love America.

Carolyn isn’t a politician. She’s a wife of 31 years and mom of five boys. She’s worked on the front lines of the conservative movement for many years, including for the Utah House Majority and Senator Mike Lee. She understands and is committed to the principles that have made Utah the great state it is: respect for and love of God, family, and life.

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