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PHIPPEN: What States Can Do About Our Open Border

There’s no debate that our border is open, with thousands of people flooding into our country every day.

Fed up with Biden’s do-nothing border policies, Arizona Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs deployed her own state’s National Guard to assist with the border migrant influx.

Real Clear Politics

Biden’s Polling Numbers Tank: Three Reasons He’s Losing Support

This week, President Biden’s approval ratings took another hit, according to a national Monmouth University poll. Sixty-one percent said they disapprove of Biden’s job performance, leaving him with a 34% approval rating.

His national polling numbers have lingered under 40%, with new polling showing an all-time low

Washington Times

Why are we pushing explicit books on elementary students?

It has become increasingly clear that objectively offensive materials and even outright pornography can be found in some of our schools in Utah.

We’ve been told by a few legislators that they are barred from publicly presenting these graphic and offensive images in legislative meetings.

Provo Daily Herald

Phippen, director of Freedom Front, former Mike Lee staffer, announces Senate run

Carolyn Phippen, political activist and director of Freedom Front, announced Wednesday she was joining the U.S. Senate race to replace Sen. Mitt Romney.

Phippen made the announcement Wednesday afternoon in Draper, where she and her family live, in front of a crowd of a few dozen people.

UVU Review

“It’s time for new leadership,”: Carolyn Phippen enters Utah’s Senate race

Former Area Director for Senator Mike Lee, Carolyn Phippen, announced that she is joining the race to become Utah’s next senator in 2024.

Speaking to a crowd of reporters and supporters early in the afternoon Nov. 1, Phippen echoed similar criticisms that Utah deserves a strong conservative  in the Senate.


Former Utah House candidate announces she’s running for Senate

A Utah woman who ran for local office in last year’s primary election has announced her candidacy for U.S. Senate, hoping to replace the outgoing Sen. Mitt Romney in 2024.

Carolyn Phippen announced her Senate campaign Wednesday, branding herself as “a dedicated mother of five boys and a passionate advocate for conservative values.”

FOX Elections

Race to replace Romney in Senate heats up…

as another Republican launches campaign: ‘strong conservative woman’.  Carolyn Phippen serves as executive director of Freedom Front Utah. The race to replace retiring Sen. Mitt Romney is getting more crowded as a sixth Republican candidate jumped into the race

Carolyn Phippen

Shares vision for U.S. Senate with students in Exclusive Interview

Phippen is former staffer to U.S. Senator Mike Lee and current board member of Utah Citizens for the Constitution. She made the announcement that she would enter the race at a campaign event in Draper’s historical park on Nov. 1.

Salem News

Mark Davis Interviews Carolyn on SNC…

Education is on Mark’s mind, speaking with Freedom Front of Utah Director Carolyn Phippen.  Schools, Education, Books and what the heck is going on in our schools in Utah and across the nation.  Watch the Video with Carolyn and Mark…

Carolyn Phippen

 announces candidacy for Romney’s Senate seat

Phippen joins Trent Staggs and Brad Wilson in vying for Mitt Romney’s U.S. Senate seat. Freedom Front Executive Director Carolyn Phippen announced her intention to run for Sen. Mitt Romney’s U.S. Senate seat.  Phippen launched her campaign at Draper Historic Park

KUTV Take 2 Podcast

Heidi Hatch
Ft. Greg Hughes & Maura Carabello

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  • Utah CD2
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  • US House Speaker Mike Johnson
  • Romney Book #3 on NYT 
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Utah Taxes...

Why Utahns want an $800 million tax cut…

In the next week, state leaders will receive updated revenue figures as they put together final budgets before the end of the 2023 legislative session Everyone who follows the revenue picture, of course, already knows what an honest update will likely say

Attacks on ESG

Are Taking Shape in Republican Fights for Congress

Carolyn Phippen, a former Senate staffer seeking the Republican nomination in Utah to replace retiring Sen. Mitt Romney (R), predicted her work as executive director of Freedom Front of Utah pressing Salt Lake City lawmakers to pass legislation barring government agencies from discriminating based on a person’s “social credit score”

The Budget...

What we can do about Utah’s $130M budget shortfall

We learned last month that our state is short $130 million,  meaning our revenue was less than we expected back in February. And no, $130 million revenue deficit is not “right on target,” as some claim. To put this in perspective, that’s roughly the combination of the yearly average salary of over 2,300 Utahns.

Fed and State

Carolyn on Salem news with Andrew Wilcow. Where are those tax dollars going?

Government Spending is out of control and the citizens are unsatisfied with Government and Government overspending. and Utah has a $130M (plus…)  shortfall. The Utah budget has increased by over 170% in the past 10 years.  

Carolyn On the Radio

Carolyn with Lars Larson, Rod Arquette and Lowell Nelson (and Lew Moore)

Carolyn joins some of her favorite radio hosts.  Most recently Lars Larson. In November she was live with Rod Arquette to discuss Utah’s $130 million budget shortfall.  Rod and Greg Hughes get a call-in about Carolyn and Carolyn and Lew Moore discuss ERIC and Data Privacy on Lowell Nelson’s “Path to State and Local Soveriegnty