Carolyn Phippen

Carolyn Phippen is a wife and mother to five mostly grown boys. She is a capable, determined, and passionate advocate for the conservative values that have made Utah great. 

Carolyn had the incredible opportunity of learning from the best in Utah, in her work for Senator Mike Lee and Speaker Greg Hughes. Her focus in Washington will be centered on those unalienable rights outlined in one of our great founding documents, The Declaration of Independence: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. 

1. Life: Physical Protection of the Nation; 

2. Liberty: Restoration of the Constitution; and 

3. Pursuit of Happiness: Economic Opportunity.


Carolyn’s educational journey brought her from NY to Brigham Young University in Provo, from where she embarked on her mission to Czechoslovakia shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Her experience in a country with such vast government control left a profound mark on her, solidifying her belief in limited government and individual liberties.

After returning from her mission, Carolyn married her husband and finished her education at the University of Utah, where she earned her bachelor’s degree while caring for her young children. She has lived in Utah for 35 years.

Conservative Roots

While home raising her five sons, Carolyn was not content to remain on the sidelines. She began working with conservative leaders across Utah and the country.

This commitment to her family and community led her to work with non-profit organizations and elected leaders like Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes and Senator Mike Lee where she worked to advance the conservative cause. Carolyn recently served as the Executive Director of Freedom Front, working to fight back against the excesses of an expanding federal government, and protect individual liberties and the free market.

Carolyn currently serves on the board of Utah Citizens for the Constitution and is part of the Why I Love America committee, that seeks to reignite patriotism within our state and beyond.


Carolyn remains unwavering in her commitment to fighting for the conservative principles that matter most to her fellow Utahns: fighting inflation and lowering our national debt, getting rid of career politicians and government corruption, and upholding Utah family values and defending our liberties.

Carolyn isn’t a politician; she’s a mom who has fought on the front lines of the conservative movement for years. She has seen the devastation caused to real people by lifelong politicians seeking office after office, all while undermining public trust and betraying our constitutional underpinnings. 

Carolyn has seen Utah families crushed by the inflation crisis caused by endless spending, and she is committed to Utah having another strong, principled conservative in the Senate who has shown a willingness to do the hard things.

Carolyn lives in Draper with her husband and the two youngest of her five sons.